Thanjavur Dancing Doll - Large 13inches
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Thanjavur Dancing Doll - Large 13inches


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Thanjavur dancing doll a.k.a Thanjavur Thalaiyatti Bommai

The Famous Thanjavur dancing doll Thalaiatti Bommais. Carefully handcrafted - Multicoloured.

Made in Thanjavur. Shipped from Thanjavur.

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Thanjavur Dancing Doll and their facts:

 Navaratri Golu is a toy festival celebrated especially in South India with adorning dolls of gods and goddesses beautifully arranged, depicting mythology.Devotional Hymns and Shlokas are chanted to attain divinity and has been bringing people together for years.

It is one of the old, traditional, world famous Indian cultural Doll purely handmade and is called as Thanjavur thalayatti bommai in Tamil Nadu.

Having originated during 19th Century under King Saraboji’s reign,It has been given Geographical Indicator status by Government of India for its origin in culture rich Thanjavur.

 This doll looks as though it welcomes you by shaking its head and body or dancing due to continuous oscillation ,with the beautiful movement of the doll’s head being very unique and mesmerizing.

This Thanjavur dancing doll is finely crafted and is one of the unique traditional arts of Thanjavur .

It is made of pure organic material in heritage rich villages near Thanjavur.

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